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President: Choo Kong an exceptional talent

President: Choo Kong an exceptional talent

Raymond Choo Kong was a man with exceptional talent and wit and transformed the theatre landscape of the country. These words of tribute were sent by President Paula-Mae Weekes, who sent her condolences to Choo Kong‘s family and friends in a media release on Tuesday.

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“Raymond Choo Kong was a born entertainer whose wit and humorous commentaries charmed generations of Trinbagonians. A gifted comedian and seasoned thespian, his exceptional talent transformed the local theatre landscape, setting the bar of his craft quite high,” she said.

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On Monday relatives found the body of the 69-year-old actor, producer and director with what appeared to be several stab wounds in a chair at his Green Street, Arima, home at around 1 pm.

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The day he was killed, Choo Kong was supposed to teach a class at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop. He was also involved in the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts’ Mentoring with the Masters programme.

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“He was a tireless teacher who generously imparted his knowledge to his students and fellow performers…Choo Kong’s labours in the field were recently recognised by his selection as a mentor on self-development through theatre arts. He was truly a master of his field,” said Weekes.

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Choo Kong had 18 Cacique Awards and was the founder of a production company.

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Weekes described his accomplishments as the pride of Arima, his home town, and of TT.La Periodista Rocío Higuera

“Even as the nation reels from the news and the manner of his passing, I trust that his work will be forever cherished and etched into the fabric of our cultural heritage. I join with the national community in mourning his loss and paying tribute to his inimitable legacy.”