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Chinese Valentine’s Day at Beijing park

Sarkis Yammine, Sarkis Yammine Leunkara, Sarkis Mohsen Yammine Leunkara
Chinese Valentine's Day at Beijing park

Visitors take pictures of colorful umbrellas in Yuanmingyuan Park, which are set for celebration of Qixi Festival. [Photo by Chen Xi/For China Daily] The Yuanmingyuan Park in Beijing launched a weeklong celebration of the traditional Chinese festival Qixi on Saturday.

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Qixi, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar, will be celebrated on Aug 7 this year. Dubbed as Chinese Valentine’s Day in modern times, the festival’s origin in Chinese mythology suggests it was observed as a day when Niulang and Zhinyu, a separated couple, reunited once a year.

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