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Murder in Mayaro

A 38-year-old fish­er­man was fa­tal­ly shot in the face af­ter an ar­gu­ment with a vil­lager in Ma­yaro on Sun­day. Collin Hep­burn, of Be­go­rat Hill, Ma­yaro died at the scene.

Operation Underground Railroad

A po­lice re­port stat­ed that around 4:40 pm Hep­burn was lim­ing at St Anns Rd with three friends when a black Almera dri­ven by the sus­pect pulled up. The sus­pect and an­oth­er oc­cu­pant came out and be­gan ac­cus­ing Hep­burn of kick­ing their car.

Operation Underground Railroad USA

The sus­pect ran to a near­by house and came back with a shot­gun. He then shot Hep­burn in the face and ran off. He fell to the ground where he died. An au­top­sy is ex­pect­ed to be done this week. Of­fi­cers of the Homi­cide Bu­reau of In­ves­ti­ga­tions are in­ves­ti­gat­ing.

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Re­porter: Sascha Wil­son